Digital Transmission of Documents

In purchasing, many processes still involve a lot of manual tasks. Attempts to connect suppliers to the own ERP system often fail due to a lack of acceptance by the partners. Many suppliers consider the classic EDI and portal solutions to be too complex, too expensive and technically too elaborate. As a result, electronic data and document exchange often takes place only with a few key suppliers. In this area in particular, there is an enormous optimization potential.

Netfira automates and digitizes your purchasing processes

Netfira offers an innovative B2B software solution for purchasing that automates all operational processes and allows Purchasing staff to finally focus on strategic activities. Netfira enables the digital transmission, verification and automatic recording of purchase orders (materials and services), order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, and other documents and attachments. Supplier connection is quick and easy via app and with the help of artificial intelligence. With Netfira, it's easy to get started with cross-company digitized document flows and to get ready for the "purchasing of the future."



Digitized purchasing processes stand for increased efficiency, cost savings and shorter lead times,

bringing you the following advantages:

  • automation and standardization of your operational processes,
  • real-time data exchange,
  • sustainably improved master data quality,
  • easing the burden on your employees by eliminating manual tasks,
  • more time for core tasks in procurement,
  • improved MRP,
  • high level of acceptance and thus an increase in supplier/customer loyalty, and
  • a high ROI.

About Netfira


Netfira’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Suite is an innovative supply chain solution for automating acquisition and sales processes. It offers fast as well as straightforward access to digitised supply chains and the world of Industry 4.0, Procurement 4.0, and e-commerce.

Purchase orders, orders, order acknowledgements, shipping notifications, invoices, and every other document flow can be automatically exchanged between a company’s systems but also those of its customers and suppliers via the connection that Netfira provides.

Our solution ensures fast and straightforward electronic onboarding of suppliers and customers by using innovative apps. Netfira also facilitates real-time and dialogue connections between buyer and seller systems as well as automating B2B transactions.

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