Control of Delivery and Pick-up Logistics with Time Slot Management


Vehicle intake is controlled with time slot booking and allocation. Turnaround times are thus significantly reduced and loading point capacities are used more efficiently. This optimizes the entire loading and unloading process and reduces downtimes..

Using the Delivery Time Management (DTM) application, the dispatcher or the driver books the time slot directly online via a web application. All they need is Internet access (PC or mobile device).

The registered user is shown the available time slots for each warehouse location as well as their already existing time slot reservations. The user then books the times from the pool of available slots.

The DTM administrator on the shipper side plans the resources. For this purpose, the administrator creates the available capacities (personnel, ramps, gates) in advance for each day and warehouse location in the form of time slots.

First-time users of the application can register themselves directly—the DTM administrator is not involved in the initial logon procedure.

Delivery Time Management DTM


The system is available as a web service, but can also be installed on customer systems.



The Advantages of Vehicle Control Benefit Both Sides

The use of DTM facilitates a well-organized logistics process with advantages for all participants:

  • Avoidance of downtimes and waiting times
  • Avoidance of cost claims related to waiting times
  • Shorter and more reliable lead times for forwarders and factory traffic
  • Optimal utilization of resources and unloading capacities
  • Planning reliability for the dispatcher
  • Planning reliability with regard to goods receipt and, as a result, warehouse stock