Cash Receipt Management within the Oracle E-Business Suite

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With the Primus Payment Management System (ASAS), you can automate the allocation of customer payments to the corresponding invoices. (Process of electronic account statement in the format SWIFT MT 940)

  • Electronic payment processes are displayed as "real" bank statements
  • Identifies the customer automatically via the “reason for payment” information and/or the customer's bank account data (self-teaching)
  • Automatic invoice identification for single invoice payments
  • Automatic allocation of collective payments to individual invoices with the help of an advice of settlement (electronically or in print)



The use of Primus ASAS significantly reduces the workload of your receivables department:

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A large percentage of payments can be processed fully automatically without manual input. Employees in the receivables department can concentrate on problem cases (customer cannot be determined based on the reason for payment, amount doesn't match the invoice even if discounts are considered,....).