Electronic message exchange via Data Exchange System DES

Electronic message exchange via a direct connection to ERP systems from your Oracle E-Business Suite

Would you like to be able to communicate with your business partners' ERP systems directly out of the Oracle E-Business Suite and exchange data in a standardized way?

The PRIMUS DELPHI GROUP has developed an AddOn to the E-Business Suite, the "Data Exchange System (DES)," which offers rapid communication and a smooth data exchange between the EBS and other ERP systems. This add-on is available for the EBS Release 11 and Release 12.

The PDG Data Exchange System AddOn

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  • Intensifies business relationships with your customers
  • Minimizes the amount of manual work for you
  • Prevents errors in data entry
  • Increases the quality of your data
  • Creates a competitive advantage for you
  • Enables a two-directional data exchange
  • Offers you the flexibility of being able to exchange data with various ERP systems
  • Requires no additional EDI converter

An order from a SAPĀ® ERP application becomes a purchase order in the Oracle EBS

With the PDG-DES (Data Exchange System), you can map out the complete flow of information in Supply Chain Management (SCM); from your customer's order placement, to the purchase order confirmation, to the shipping notification, right up to the billing stage, without incurring any additional external costs. This offers you a great advantage, in that it is worthwhile to connect your B customers as well as your A customers.


EDI Communikation between SAPĀ® and EBS

Integrated SAP® message types:

  • Connection via Oracle Service Bus or ftp-transfer: