Approval Workflow for Oracle E-Business Suite invoices

The PDG Approval Workflow for Invoices Add On is an extension of the Standard Approval Workflow for Supplier Invoices in the Oracle E-Business Suite. 

First the incoming documents are scanned, indexed with keywords, and allocated to accounts. The invoices are matched with a supplier and the key invoice information is entered.

After the approval workflow for invoices is started, the approvers are notified via email and can modify the invoice items and account allocations. The invoice scan is always accessible.

The invoice is ready for payment as soon as the process is complete and the invoice has been approved and validated.

The PDG workflow provides the following important benefits:

  • Invoices are visible in accounts payable upon receipt (previously they were visible after approval)
  • Discounts / net-payment terms are considered in the reminder / escalation process
  • Validation of account assignments takes place already during account / cost centre entry
  • Validation takes place via e-mail (also smartphone compatible)
  • User’s desktop is consistent
  • The effort required for the invoice approval workflow is reduced and the speed of the process is increased

For more information, please refer to our Flyer Invoice Approval Workflow.