VAT Identification Number Verification from the Oracle E-Business Suite

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The VAT identification number (VAT ID no./Ust-Id-Nr.) is a unique identification feature for EU entrepreneurs related to the value added tax. It is used to process intra-community, tax-free services. Every company that sells goods or services to foreign invoice recipients within the EU must state the recipient’s correct VAT ID number on their invoice documents.  Since the supplying company may be liable for the tax debt incurred if an invalid VAT ID number is used, checking the validity of the customer’s VAT ID number in advance is mandatory (diligence of a prudent business person).

Federal Central Tax Office VAT ID Number Retrieval from the Oracle E-Business Suite

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The “VAT ID Verification for Foreign Companies” PDG AddOn enables this mandatory verification of the VAT ID number directly from the Oracle E-Business Suite. The comparison takes place when a new VAT ID number is entered in the E-Business Suite’s customer list.  Deviations in the case of invalid combinations of VAT ID number and customer names/customer addresses, as well as invalid VAT ID numbers, are detected immediately. Based on the feedback, incorrect information can be verified and corrected already when creating new customer master data.  The verification result (qualified confirmation) is archived alongside the customer data as an attachment.

In addition, all existing customers with already recorded VAT ID numbers can be verified on a regular basis by the AddOn.  In this case, the VAT ID number, company name and address are verified and the result of the verification is archived alongside the customer data. The frequency of the regular verification process is determined by a predefined schedule.