It is easy to move to an ERP with NetSuite

Even in small and medium-sized enterprises an ERP system facilitates business process optimization and digitalization.

Especially at the beginning accounting and logistic effords are manageable with a small efford, while enterprises ar focused on the development and marketing of their products or services. A growing business leads to increasingly complex processes. Alongside daily routine tasks, the Accouting, Order Management and Procurement processes needs to become more professional.

A growth in data volumes, inadequate it-support and isolated applications often are leading to a stop in expansion.

For an efficient administration of ressources and for controlling the business processes, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups need an ERP system. The key instrument in business management, the ERP is responsible for process automation, data storage and is the decision-making tool.

PDG NetSuite Starter Package

To make the start with an ERP easier, we are offering a fixed-scope NetSuite Starter package which is designed  in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups.

Basing on “NetSuite Financials First”, and covering Finance, Order Management, Procurement, Webshop and 3-PL Integration we offer our package in a ligh or extended version according to customer requirements.

The definded scope will be offered at a fixed price. As a scalable platform, NetSuite supports the growth and development every business.

PDG NetSuite Starter Package:



PDG NetSuite ERP Implementation

The biggest risk when implementing an ERP Systems is an overload of the initial project with a multitude of requirements, as this often leads to

  • significantly longer project life-cycles
  • recurring change requests
  • additional provision of services on customer side
  • delays in the project schedule
  • implementation of functionalities which are prove to be redundant after Go-Live,
  • Additional cost

To avoid such risks, as far as possible, PDG approaches its projects by facilitating the concept of Minimal Viable Product - MVP. 

The core idea of MVP is to focus on the implementation of the key requirements, which are inevitable for first rollout.  The initial MVP will be defined during a Scoping Workshop immediately after or before starting the project. The validated MVP can be revised if necessary.

After Go-Live, and a short stabilization period, which usually lasts until the first successful month end closure, the optimization process will follow. In this optimization phase, the project team will discover potential for further optimizations based on their priorities. 

Our fixed scope - fixed price PDG NetSuite Starter Package includes:


Phasemodel NetSuite Implementation

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