INTRASTAT-Reporting with Oracle E-Business Suite

Intrastat stands for Intra-Community Trade Statistics (ICTS). With the associated Intrastat reports, the trading of goods between EU Member States is recorded statistically (dispatches and arrivals). In Germany this is done at the Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office).

The monthly submission of the reports is done electronically.

Changes for the 2022 reporting period

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As of January 2022, there are new requirements for the submission of Intrastat declarations. These are the main changes to reporting obligations:

  • A new list of Nature of Transaction codes
  • The country of origin of goods
  • VAT identification number of the partner operator in the Member State of destination

For reasons of data security, the Federal Statistical Office (Germany) requires a replacement for declaration files in ASCII format . However, XML files are accepted from new declarers. Oracle E-Business Suite User can submit their data by csv-upload only until 31th December, 2022. From that moment, XML files are obligatory.



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INTRASTAT Reporting with PDG Oracle E-Business Suite AddOn


The PDG AddOn will extract relevant data for INTRASTAT Reporting by using EBS Standard processes. This ensures, that  EBS users can continue storing customer data such as delivery address in the Oracle E-Business Suite. The PDG AddOn will add the relevant state information. The FiBu employee transmits the generated xml file to the Federal Statistical Office via the IDEV portal. (However a file upload is still possible, there is no obligation to use Webservice.)