Manage NetSuite Integrations with Celigo

If you are expanding your retail processes by an online sales channel, you have to be properly structured and coordinated with your business processes. Orders arriving via a variety of online stores and marketplaces have to be recorded, processed and picked up in the warehouse. They are then packed, the shipping bill is created, and then either the company ships by itself or via a 3PL provider. NetSuite creates a structure that allows this business processes to run smoothly.

At the same time you need to ensure the transfer of money and data to complete your transaction. As your account and inventory information are stored in NetSuite ERP, you need an integration between NetSuite and your Webshop. Only a proper integration between your company’s eCommerce applications and your NetSuite ERP system enables the flow of information between the two systems.

NetSuite E-Commerce Integrations

Celigo Integration Platform (iPaaS) for NetSuite

In many cases we recommend to use Celigo to connect your 3rd party applications with NetSuite.

The Celigo Platform does more than integrate applications. It allows you to automate business processes end to end.

With Celigo, you can transform and simplify complex use cases through ERP-led process automation.

Celigo delivers an extensive portfolio of NetSuite-specific functionality, automations, and integrations that accelerate enterprise-wide digital transformation. With hundreds of prebuilt integration apps and templates, Celigo is covering the most common use cases between NetSuite and other business applications.

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