Managing NetSuite Customizations with Salto

Salto is reimagining the way business apps are configured and managed by bringing DevOps methodologies into the world of Finance Operations. The efficient management of NetSuite and other business applications has become crucial to the success of a modern organization. Salto empowers NetSuite teams to stay on top of day-to-day operations and meet the rapidly evolving needs of their businesses.

Providing both an open source and an Enterprise SaaS product, Salto enables NetSuite admins and developers to deliver high-quality changes, faster. By translating NetSuite configurations to a textual representation, Salto allows its users to compare, deploy, document, and track all of the changes in one seamless interface.


Benefit from the Salto integration with NetSuite and

  • automate your manuel tasks
  • save time preparing for an audit
  • improve your efficiency


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