Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Oracle Apex allows you to easily develop web-based applications within a short time-frame, using an Oracle database as a foundation.

APEX also kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, APEX is a complete web-based development and administration tool. On the other hand, it provides the framework for the end user.

Due to the web-based, self-explanatory development environment, users who are not professional software developers can also import data and develop their own applications and reports.

Forms and reports, as well as graphical elements (charts or calendar functions), can also be integrated.
Thus APEX is an ideal platform to, for example, transfer data from Access applications which have reached their capacity limits.

Since version 4.0 APEX also features so-called “web sheets”, providing an option for uploading worksheets from a spreadsheet calculation (e.g. MS Excel) directly into APEX, where they can be edited and saved, and other users can access them. There are no licensing costs for APEX and it is available for most Oracle platforms.

What advantages does APEX offer?

  • APEX applications can be opened on any browser, regardless of the platform.
  • APEX can be integrated in all Oracle databases ( and up) at no cost.
  • APEX is standard for Oracle 11.1 and higher databases.
  • All data are centralized in the Oracle database for backup and recovery.
  • APEX can be used to easily export data from Excel and import it back into Excel.
  • APEX can be used to administer master data and to generate reports and charts.