Oracle NetSuite: Cluno breathes digital, efficient processes

and started in 2019 with the process of selecting a future-oriented ERP solution in order to replace the legacy system DATEV.

At the top of the “Cluno wish list” were

  • the integration of accounting topics such as budget planning, cost-center reporting, and additional reporting dimensions,

  • in order to facilitate controlling at the vehicle level,

  • the possible of connecting with the sales force – CRM,

  • the use of automatic uploads and defined workflows, especially for approving invoices,

  • the scalability of expansion,

  • the security of the solution (processes, internal monitoring, access control, auditing).




Clear-cut decision for Oracle NetSuite

During the tender process, which was overseen by a consulting agency, the PDG was convincing with its implementation offer for the ERP cloud solution Oracle NetSuite. At the end of October 2019, the project “NetSuite Introduction for Cluno GmbH” started. Through that, the team put to use the implementation strategy “Minimal Product Function (MPF)”. The goal of this method is to put the investment into operation as quickly as possible, by focusing on the most crucial and necessary functionalities. In a downstream optimization phase, the optimization points are then planned and assessed based on their urgency.


NetSuite @Cluno

With the scalable ERP cloud application Oracle NetSuite, Cluno GmbH is well-equipped for future expansion. Modern, highly informative reporting supports decision-making processes, and serves to meet legal requirements in the areas of bookkeeping and balancing. The requested connections to CRM and the payment tool, and also the automated invoice approval connected to an OCR and archive system, have been realized and accelerated through internal processing.

As planned upon successfully going live on April 1, 2020, Cluno deployed the pre-defined functional scope. Although it was quite extensive, it was only possible to guide it remotely through PDG.  Additional NetSuite functionalities can be integrated by Cluno at any time and accordingly expedite any additional processes

About Cluno:

Cluno is a new, flexible mobility concept: The digital car subscription.
A car subscription is right for anyone who wants to be mobile with their own car. Cluno thinks all the processes related to your car should be completely digital and innovative. The company helps customers based on their current life situations and requirements in order to act as an uncomplicated, sustainable mobility partner. Cluno customers simply reserve their car online or through the app, and pay a set, monthly package price that includes all costs except refueling. After the current, six-month minimum term for each vehicle, you can change the car, pause utilization, or cancel the subscription.

For exchanging information among start-ups using or implementing NetSuite, the Cluno team has established a slack workspace, where these questions are discussed (also under integration of the implementation partners such as PDG). Anyone interested can apply here:


Photo Credits:  The photos were made available with the friendly support of Cluno GmbH.