instagrid gets NetSuite Power

Mobile, sustainable energy

instagrid, a startup based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, launched its success story in 2018 with the development and production of portable high-performance batteries for professionals. Craftsmen and service providers gain enormous flexibility and efficiency with this powerful independent power supply. The extremely robust, waterproof, and durable “portable wall socket” replaces gasoline and diesel generators, works silently, and thus minimizes the impact on the environment.

Growing business requirements

The idea of making a mobile power supply available inspired instagrid to develop the right technology at the right time. The company is experiencing rapid growth and now has a workforce of more than 50 employees. It quickly became clear that the IT support provided by DATEV that it relied on up to that point was no longer sufficient for the company’s future development. The choice was made to go with Oracle NetSuite, a modern, scalable ERP solution that flexibly adapts to the company’s growth. The fact that NetSuite provides GoBD-compliant tax and accounting features and extensive integration options in the area of omnichannel e-commerce was a decisive point for instagrid.

Cloud ERP launch at high speed

In October 2020, instagrid kicked off the modernization project with the implementation of Oracle NetSuite, initially to support its financial processes and give a solid base for the rapid growth.

Instagrid’s strategy to provide seamless digital channel for B2C customers resulted in the integration of Shopify with Netsuite parallel to Finance Go-Live in January 2021. Supply chain process optimization, in particular the integration with logistics partner LGI for direct deliveries from outsourced manufacturer to B2C customers heralded the next phase in Q2 2021.

In early summer of 2021, the first devices sold to B2C customers via the web store were delivered directly via the unified system architecture between NetSuite, LGI and Shopify.

NetSuite @instagrid

The following core NetSuite modules were implemented at instagrid:

  • Financials
  • Procurement
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Sales
  • Fixed Assets Management


Celigo’s software enables real-time integration of order processing into NetSuite and the Shopify user front end. This automates and significantly simplifies instagrid’s e-commerce processes.

NetSuite’s Fixed Assets Management module is currently being replaced by Netgain’s Fixed Assets Management tool, which is embedded in NetSuite. The replacement took place due to Netgain’s additional benefit to manage Construction-in-Progress assets and optimized FAM reporting capabilities.

Forging ahead with internationalization

instagrid has already rolled out NetSuite to Finland in 2022 Q1 and plans to expand its international presence with rollouts in the UK, as well as in the USA.

At the same time, ERP processes will be streamlined and Salesforce’s CRM solution will be integrated into the existing NetSuite environment.

There will certainly be some exciting challenges in the future that will also need to be mapped in the ERP system: instagrid is currently working on establishing new business models in the energy sector. In the future, the portable devices that instagrid has been selling to brand partners and end customers will also be available as part of a subscription model.

About instagrid GmbH

instagrid is a specialist for high-power portable battery systems. We enable reliable and efficient access to clean and affordable electricity for anyone, anywhere and anytime. Specifically, we have developed the most advanced portable battery power supply for professional applications, replacing highly polluting fossil fuel generators. Our proprietary, modular power conversion technology enables us to provide unprecedented power and energy levels in a compact and lightweight package.

Professionals in many areas such as the construction industry, event technology, professional landscaping, catering and public sectors rely on our technology to achieving greater productivity and efficiency while moving to zero emissions.

instagrid has previously won a start-up competition in 2019 organized by InnoEnergy, the innovation driver for sustainable energy in Europe, where it was named the most innovative electrical storage company in the world.

Instagrid was founded by Sebastian Berning and Andreas Sedlmayr in 2018 and is based in Ludwigsburg, Germany and Helsinki, Finland.
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