Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2x Upgrade

Two main trends to getting to EBS R12:


Many reasons to consider upgrading your current Oracle E-Business Suite version

    • New Features and functionalities in Release 12.2x, e.g.

  • Setup / parameters
    R11i:  about 10.000 parameters
    R12:   about 40.000 parameters

  • Customizations could be replaced by 12 Standard

  • Integration with 3rd party products



Considerations Release upgrade R12.2x Oracle EBS

  1. Define your Upgrade Drivers

    Identify existing customizations, which could be replaced by R12 standard.

    Identify new R12 features and functionalities. 

  2. R12 Impact-Analysis

    Evaluate the new 12.2 features in the products you are currently running.

    Look for adjacent products that might add value.

    Which improvements are quick and easy to reach?

    Are you planning additional changes after your R12 upgrade (acquisitions, centralization etc.) ?



Evaluate your Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2x

Before initiating an upgrade effort, it is important to thoroughly evaluate upgrade vs. reimplementation.

Different enterprises will make different scope and phasing decisions based on

– How frequently they can take a downtime
– How long any single downtime can be
– How much testing their business requires.

Take the advatage of test migrations.

Please refer also to our Factsheet Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Upgrade  and our Oracle E-Business Suite References.

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