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A large number of US-based international companies are using Oracle ERP Software to serve their subsidiaries in Germany. The setup for the German subsidiary is usually determined by either a global or a European setup template. As most German legal entities are entitled to use IFRS – which is now very close to US-GAAP –  this approach is usually sufficient to provide the data required for a German balance sheet and a profit & loss statement. However, every legal entity in Germany is also obligated to meet the requirements of the German generally accepted accounting principles ('GoB' - Grundsätze ordnungsgemässer Buchführung) and the ever-changing German Value Added Tax Act (UStG). These requirements go far beyond the basic accounting rules according to IFRS.


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Based on feedback from international audit firms and our own experience, a global or European setup template is not always capable of dealing with all of these specific requirements.  As a direct result, many German subsidiaries face significant issues during the annual audit.

PDG provides two predefined sets of services which are specifically designed for US-based companies to proactively resolve those issues:

  • Non-Disruptive Global Setup Template Amendment Proposal 

    Once we have reviewed your setup template, we provide a list of recommendations on how to slightly modify your setup template in order to make your German subsidiary compliant. We do of course ensure that the recommended changes are non-invasive and do not jeopardize any of your global business processes and reporting requirements. This service is usually provided during the template design phase of a global implementation/ rollout project.

  • Ad-Hoc Workaround and Adjustment Proposal

    If you have been made aware of compliance issues by your German subsidiaries or their auditors, we provide assistance to resolve the reported problems. The resolution proposal usually encompasses a bundle of minor setup adjustments, manual workarounds and custom  reports. Again, we take care that the recommended changes are non-invasive and do not jeopardize any of your global business processes and reporting requirements.



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