Oracle Support, System Services and Outsourcing

The demands of your company’s applications are high.

They encompass:

  • A  secure availability,
  • high flexibility,
  • protection from external parties.

These requirements can only be fulfilled through the construction and preservation of the needed infrastructure, developed using an extensive know-how.

This process permanently uses personnel and material resources that are actually not available within your company.

Oracle is our main business

Our employees are experienced administrators, network,- data base,-  and operating system-specialists, that know the current technology and Oracle products.

We are offering a wide range of support services and we will answer all your questions regarding hardware, installation, back-up strategies, optimal parameterization of your data-base-driven application systems and secure operation of your server systems with help of a system and operation manual.

Alongside your team, we will ensure that your solution is continuously improved and is always in an optimal state.

We offer the following range of service models:

  • Service upon request:
    Personalized resources, deadlines, and reactions times are provided according to availability of the PDG team

  • Support agreement:
    Prearranged personalized resources, deadlines, and reaction times.

Our call center receives calls during business hours from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm. Extended hours of operation are possible.

PDG Outsourcing Service

PDG assumes full technical operational support and technical system support, and for the hardware, Oracle database systems databases and Oracle Applications. 

You can configure your individual service package depending on your internal resources and the desired security level:

  • System installation and operation

  • System operation (2nd level):
    - in the in-house data center(Hosting@PDG)
    - at the customer's data center (Hosting@customer)

  • Periodic system checks

  • Release change

  • Oracle license distribution

Your contanct person at PRIMUS DELPHI GROUP:

Günther Andres
Bergfeldstr. 9
D - 83607 Holzkirchen
Tel.: +49 (0)8024 90269-0